This card took place at the Fair Park Auditorium in Abilene, Texas on Monday, August 30, 1965.


  1. K.O. Yates defeated Tim Woods.
  2. Blondike Bill defeated Bronco Kelly.
  3. Tim Woods & Jose Lothario defeated Alex Perez & K.O. Yates.
    • Yates used a body slam and press on Woods to win the first fall.
    • Woods used a rolling cradle on Yates to win the second fall.
    • Lothario pinned Yates with a hald crab to win the third fall.
  4. Mike DiBiase (w/ Jack Cain) defeated Ricky Romero (w/ Klondike Bill).
    • Romero used a cannonball and press to win the first fall.
    • DiBiase used a body slam and press to win the second fall.
    • DiBiase used a shoulder press to win the third fall (12:22).


  • Joe Como was the special referee for the main event.

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