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This card took place at the Sports Arena in Amarillo, Texas on Thursday, April 5, 1962.


  1. Crybaby Cannon pinned Kenny Ackles with a press (7:45).
  2. Dan Miller pinned Eric Rommel with a jackknife (11:10).
  3. Dory Funk, Sr. & Ricky Romero defeated The Viking & Nick Roberts.
    • Viking & Roberts were disqualified in the first fall (11:00).
    • Ciking used the fisherman's hook on Romero to win the second fall (11:30).
    • Funk pinned Roberts with the spinning toe hold to win the third fall (13:40).
  4. Nelson Royal (w/ Jeeves) defeated Tony Borne (w/ Leo Newman).
    • Borne used the squasher to pin Royal to win the first fall (4:40).
    • Nelson pinned Borne with a press to win the second fall (4:10).
    • Borne was disqualified in the third fall (4:30).


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