This card took place at the Sports Arena in Amarillo, Texas on Thursday, January 4, 1962.


  1. Blackjack Daniels & Stan Kowalski defeated Pepper Gonzales & Johnny Kilonis when Daniels pinned Gonzales (13:55).
  2. Ricky Rommero pinned Danny McShain with a cannonball (6:46).
  3. Dory Funk, Sr. fought Fritz Von Erich to a double-disqualification.
    • Von Erich won the first fall with a claw (12:30).
    • Funk won the second fall with the spinning toe hold (3:40).
    • Funk and Von Erich were both disqualified in the third fall (10:10).
  4. Tony Borne defeated Antone Leone.
    • Leone pinned Borne to win the first fall (7:52).
    • Borne pinned Leone to win the second fall (6:30).
    • Borne pinned Leone to win the third fall (7:00).


  • The referee was Tommy Phelps.

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