This card took place at the Sports Arena in Amarillo, Texas on Thursday, July 27, 1961.


  1. Argentine Blanco defeated Treach Phillips.
  2. Jerry London defeated Jerry Miller.
  3. Mr. Kleen defeated Gypsy Biviano.
  4. Tony Borne defeated Ricky Romero in two straight falls.
  5. North American Heavyweight Champion Dory Funk, Sr. defeated Don McClarity in two straight falls.


  • Before his match, Tony Borne offered $200 to anyone who agree to lie in ring and take his squasher from the top rope. Borne's scheduled opponent Ricky Romero accepted this challenge, and took the money, as he was able to get up and get to the ring ropes as required. However he suffered a back injury, allowing Borne to take two quick falls in their scheduled match.

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