This card took place at the Sports Arena in Amarillo, Texas on Thursday, June 9, 1966.


  1. Jose Moto defeated Gory Guerrero with a karate thrust (8:41).
  2. Ricky Romero fought Art Nelson to a draw.
  3. Dory Funk, Sr. & Terry Funk defeated Mike DiBiase & Jack Cain.
    • Dory Funk, Sr. took the first fall with a press on Cain (15:18).
    • DiBiase used a one-legged Boston crab on Dory Funk, Sr. to win the second fall (9:55).
    • DiBiase & Cain were disqualified in the third fall (7:35).
  4. Fritz Von Erich defeated Dan Miller.
    • Miller won the first fall with a suplex (11:47).
    • Miller was counted out of the ring in the second fall (6:28).
    • Miller could not return for the third fall.


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