This card took place at the Sports Arena in Amarillo, Texas on Thursday, October 19, 1961.


  1. The Bat defeated Ed Sharpe with a claw hold (9:14).
  2. Nick Roberts defeated Suni War Cloud with a foot stomp to the throat (7:10).
  3. Danny McShain & The Bat defeated Ricky Romero & Eric Rommel when McShain pinned Rommel (12:13).
  4. Tony Borne defeated The Great Antonio.
    • Antonio was disqualified in the first fall (4:57).
    • Borne won the second fall with a foot stomp to the throat and body press (1:24).
  5. North American Heavyweight Champion Dory Funk, Sr. defeated Danny Savich.
    • Savich won the first fall with a diamond drill twist (7:18).
    • Funk won the second fall with the spinning toe hold (11:25).
    • Savich was unable to return for the third fall.


  • The Bat was a substitute for The Great Bolo in the third match.

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