This card took place at the Coliseum in El Paso, Texas on Monday, June 19, 1967.


  1. Jerry Kozac fought The Alaskan to a draw.
  2. Bob Ellis defeated Bobby Duncum.
  3. Elimination Match: The Medics & The Alaskan defeated Gory Guerrero & Alberto Torres & Jerry Kozac.
  4. Dory Funk, Jr. fought Bearcat Wright to a draw.
  5. The Medics were co-winners of a 12-man Battle Royal (other participants: Bearcat Wright, The Alaskan, Dory Funk, Jr., Jerry Kozak, Alberto Torres, Bobby Duncum, Gory Guerrero, Juan Garcia, Jack King, Bob Ellis).


  • The attendance was listed as 2,259.

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