This card took place at the Coliseum in El Paso, Texas on Monday, June 5, 1967.


  1. Jack King vs. Ray Duran.
  2. Dory Funk, Jr. & Gory Guerrero vs. Mad Dog Maurice & Bobby Duncum.
  3. Dan Miller vs. Bearcat Brown.
  4. Nick Kozak & Jerry Kozak defeated The Medic & Jack King in three falls.


  • The main event was scheduled to be a title defence by North American Tag Team Champions The Medics, but it was announced that one of the Medics had been injured the previous night in Albuquerque, and that manager Jack King would act as a substitute. Nick Kozak & Jerry Kozak won the title on the night, but the decision was later overturned since there has been a substitution.

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