This card took place at the Coliseum in El Paso, Texas on Tuesday, May 4, 1965.


  1. Mr. Sato defeated Ray Valdez (4:21).
  2. The Lawman defeated Ox Allen (12:30).
  3. Mike DiBiase & Ken Lucas defeated Don Curtis & Billy Graham (43:04).
    • Curtis used a sleeper hold on Lucas to win the first fall.
    • DiBiase pinned Curtis to win the second fall.
    • DiBiase pinned Graham after a dive from the top rope to win the third fall.
  4. Jose Lothario defeated The Sheik (8:57).
    • Sheik used the camel clutch to win the first fall (2:19).
    • Lothario pinned Sheik to win the second fall (2:07).
    • Sheik was counted out.


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