This card took place at the Coliseum in El Paso, Texas on Monday, September 18, 1967.


  1. Nick Roberts vs. Alvaro Velasco.
  2. Cyclone Castro vs. Luis Hernandez.
  3. World Light Heavyweight Champion Gory Guerrero vs. Jerry Kozak.
  4. Medic #1 & Dr. Blood vs. Terry Funk & Jose Lothario.
  5. 12-man Battle Royal (participants: Medic #1, Gory Guerrero, Dr. Blood, Luis Hernandez, Nick Roberts, Terry Funk, Duke Miller, Jose Lothario, Ray Duran, Alvaro Velasco, Jerry Kozak, Cyclone Castro).


  • The Battle Royal was also open to members of the public upon payment of the $50 entry fee.

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