This card took place at the Fair Park Coliseum in Lubbock, Texas on Wednesday, December 7, 1966.


  1. Terry Funk defeated K.O. Yates.
  2. Alex Perez defeated Jerry London.
  3. Terry Funk & Dan Miller defeated Prof. Tanaka & Killer Karl Kox to win the North American Tag Team Title.
  4. Dick Steinborn defeated Dory Funk, Sr.
  5. Prof. Tanaka won a 12-man and a bear Battle Royal (advertised participants: Dory Funk, Jr., Killer Karl Kox, Dory Funk, Sr., Bobby Duncum, Terry Funk, Alex Perez, Jerry London, Bob Boyer, K.O. Yates, Dan Miller, Dick Steinborn, and a 600lb brown Russian bear).


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