This card took place at Fair Park Coliseum in Lubbock, Texas on Wednesday, June 28, 1967.


  1. Mad Dog Maurice defeated Silento Rodriguez.
  2. Bobby Duncum fought The Duke to a double-CO.
  3. The Lawman defeated The Alaskan.
  4. Jerry Kozak vs. Kinji Shubuya never got under way as a Shibuya karate thrust sent Kozak to the hospital before he entered the ring.
  5. Thunderbolt Patterson defeated Big Bad John.
  6. World Tag Team Champions Harley Race & Larry Hennig fought Dory Funk, Sr. & Dory Funk, Jr. to a draw in three falls.


  • Harley Race & Larry Hennig were disqualified in the final fall of the main event, but Dory Funk, Sr. & Dory Funk, Jr. refused to accept the victory.
  • A Lights Out Match billed as The Medic vs. The Medic with one medic putting up his mask against $500 was advertised, but was not listed in the results.

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