This card took place at the Community Center in Tucson, Arizona on Tuesday, November 16, 1971.


  1. Rube Grace vs. Phil Melby.
  2. John Kostas vs. Alex Perez.
  3. Jerry Kozak vs. Eric Rommel.
  4. Mighty Atom vs. Cowboy Lang.
  5. Ricky Romero vs. Dick Murdoch.
  6. Bull Ramos vs. Dory Funk, Sr.
  7. Ciclon Negro vs. Lightning R. Jones.
  8. The Infernos (w/ J.C. Dykes) vs. Bob Roop & Mr. Wrestling.
  9. World Heavyweight Champion Dory Funk, Jr. fought Gene Kiniski to a draw in three falls (60:00).


  • The attendance was listed as 1,500.
  • An image from the main event:


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